“Jammed Packed Treatment”

Welcome to my second Blog post on Beauty Unleashed Micro Spa’s treatments and products. I will be regularly giving my experiences as a client of Megan’s but with a wealth of knowledge from a 25 year Career as a Beauty and Laser Therapist. This gives you a thorough view on what to expect and perhaps a few tips on what treatment to book in for your next appointment.

This facial experience was jammed packed full of awesomeness that I feel I MUST share with you! Maybe you feel your skin needs something “extra” to feel hydrated, renewed or refreshed. But how do you really know what to ask for or how to verbalize your needs to your Therapist? Hopefully this Blog will give you some handy tips and treats to have your skins health meet your desires.

This appointment I asked Megan to focus on hydration and my clogged skin. Although I have had a successful and varied Career in the Beauty and Cosmetic industry a few years back I had a work injury that greatly affected my health. It also affected the general health and stability of my skin! I wasn't capable of keeping up my skin care habits due to the injury and as a result my skin had become severely dehydrated, red, inflamed, flakey with lots of blackheads and milia. In my first facial with Megan I didn't really verbalize the results I wanted from her expert care. Mostly because I was just grateful for any possible improvement! Going into our second facial I had a think about what results I was hoping to achieve. I guess I am fortunate that my experience as a Beauty Therapist was able to guide me to know what was achievable and to manage my own expectations. However, I recommend you always let your Therapist know what results you want and their skills, knowledge and experience will be able to assess wether your expectations are reasonable and achievable. If the goal post is a little high they can help you adjust before moving forward. I found as a Therapist that meeting a client's expectations and having a clear and open communication was key in each person's trust that they were in the right hands.
So before your next appointment I urge you to really think about your needs and desires around your treatments. If you are currently seeing a Therapist that you feel is difficult to communicate with, maybe give Megan a call and reframe your expectations to see if you need to consider changing Clinics.

When I asked Megan to focus on hydration and the instability of my pores she suggested we do an Ultra Alginate Mask with a Yellow and red LED light. She also recommended that I consider some home care products and the Ultra Derm Silicone Facial Brush to help the impurities become soft and moveable. Either for Clinic extraction or in the hopes they would come out naturally within my new home care routine.

Now before we get into what the heck an Ultra Alginate Mask and LED light is let me just mention that during this consultation Megan performed an eyebrow wax and tint for me. Now I have had a thousand brow waxes in my time but none as gentle, thorough and expertly executed as with Megan! If you have not yet experienced a Brows and Lashes treatment at


Beauty Unleashed do yourself a favor and book it! Perfect shape, perfect color and now my face is framed with tailored Brows I barely have to touch. A nice add on to any Facial treatment!
Now lets get back to that mask!
To prepare my skin Megan used two different Cleansers. The first was Ultra Derms Skin Renew Cleanser which has Lactic, Glycolic acids and Salicylic acid. These ingredients gently dissolve dry skin, bacteria and oil while exfoliating and reducing inflammation. The second was Ultra derms luxurious Skin Karma Cleanser. This comforting Cleanser restores hydration, removes impurities and leaves the skin feeling clean and hydrated. During the second Cleanse Megan showed me how to use the Silicone Cleansing Device she recommended for home use. The device has several speeds, vibrates and massages the skin while cleansing. Silicone doesn't harbor bacteria and I have found it an enormous benefit at home. I use it several times a week, It keeps its charge for ages and is an easy USB outlet. I cannot recommend it highly enough! The treatment continued with a Lactic Peel, devine neck, shoulder and scalp massage and luxurious serums specifically for my skin concerns. Then the Ultra Alginate “Brightening” Mask was mixed up and applied to my face. It felt cool, soft and thick. Megan made sure all the edges had a lip so it could be lifted off in one piece after it set. It felt cool and comforting the whole time. The mask forms an occlusion on the skin which then infuses the actives that were previously massaged in. There are three types of Mask to choose from. Megan chose the “Brightening” mask for me which has black mulberry, Oughon, Saxifrage and vitamin C as active ingredients. It does exactly as the name suggests and is also anti inflammatory and has anti oxidant features. The mask was lifted off my skin in once piece leaving me plump, fresh, super hydrated and super relaxed!

I was then treated to a yellow and red LED light therapy. LED stands for “light emitting Diode” and uses varying low level wavelengths of light to rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level. The yellow light also promotes healing, blood circulation and reduces signs of aging. While the red light reduces scars, redness and stimulates collagen. It feels warm and comforting like laying in the sun. After the light treatment specific serums and, eye products and moisturizer were applied to finish the treatment.

Overall, I felt my concerns were definitely targeted and I had remarkably smoother, softer, more hydrated and even toned skin to walk out with. These results were long lasting, I’m talking weeks and I feel my purchase of the Renew Cleanser with Silicone Brush has made all the difference. Its so important to invest in great products to continue the Clinic work at home. When you choose not to you are effectively choosing to half the results that you could be achieving. Beauty Unleashed stock fantastic Australian products at great prices that Megan painstakingly tests on herself and models before launching them into the Clinic. So you can be sure you are spending wisely!

I hope this Blog has given you some ideas for your next appointment at Beauty Unleashed Micro Spa. Until next time.... Kirt x