After much research and deliberation finding an ethically formulated range in what i believe is a saturated cosmeceutical industry i am excited to introduce Ultraderm to Newcastle and the Hunter.

Ultraderm regularly evaluates all formulations and introduces new results-driven ingredients as they come to market. The formulations used at Ultraderm are always at the forefront of innovation. The ingredients used and finished formulas are never tested on animals.

Ultraderm products and clinical professional peels have been a clear winning choice for our Micro Spa the results have been fantastic. This Aussie brand is cost effective with superior ingredients The effective non/low fragrant range has some seriously punchy products ticking all the right boxes to suit a variety of skin conditions including abut not limited to sensitivity /rosacea /sun damaged/pigmented /acne/de-hydrated and lipid dry skin types.

The Gold Coast brand offers a no fuss results driven approach to skincare. Pauline Valle company founder is truly committed to using only proven ingredients that are beneficial to the skin making a positive improvement. This was the philosophy and results i have been  searching for and what i expected to be able to offer in our clinical peels with that extra lux option. 

Megan x

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