Skin Juice

 Skin Juice

Skin Juice has deliciously juicy treatments and bundles on offer. Free from artificial sweeteners and packed with 100% nourishing goodness these organic nutrient dense products will deliver naturally active results to your skin!

Quench your skin’s thirst with skin compatible fruit and plant extracts. A super burst of antioxidants, anti agers and anti breakout actives provide a botanical diet for your skin. Scrumptious spreads and tasty toppings will be selected to target your individual skin concerns whilst an aromatherapy sensory experience will relax the mind and body to complete the treatment.

All treatments are customised once we get to know you and your skin! Skin Juice products are on the menu for your picking to manage your skins' diet at home. 



Skin Juice Taster Facial  | 20min  | $35.00

Want a taste of Skin Juice? Your skin will be treated to 4 daily essential products as you are guided through your own Daily Diet regime. Experience how satisfying a healthy new skin diet can be with natural and organic Skin Juice products. 

Skin Juice Shot Facial | 30mins | $60

A quick me pick me up for any skin type.

Skin Juice Infusion | 45 mins | $85

Skin Concerns: Dehydration + Congestion + Breakouts + Blocked Pores. A resurfacing facial for all skin types.

Fruit and lactic acids exfoliate dead skin cells to expose fresh and radiant skin. this treatment can be performed as a one off or achieve greater results with a program of 6-10 treatments. this facial is topped off with a hand and arm massage.

Purifying Pineapple Peel | 60 mins | $110

Help clear breakouts and balance your skin with this clarifying peel. Organic pineapple juice and enzymes help exfoliate the skin, while fruit acids cleanse pores and help fight breakout causing bacteria. Fruit nutrients boost the skin’s ability to protect against inflammation or infection. A hand, arm and scalp booster massage completes your healing treatment.

Zen Berry Peel | 60 mins | $110

Soothe and strengthen skin with this super juicy hydrating peel. This super antioxidant rich treatment has the ability to help reduce sensitivity, while pure enzymes and lactic acid work together to gently exfoliate and unveil fresh smooth skin. A hand, arm and scalp booster massage complete your zen experience.

Plumping Pumpkin Peel | 60 mins | $110

Put the bounce and brilliance back into your skin with this powerful treatment for skin with signs of ageing. Exfoliating plant acids and fruit enzymes help reveal a healthy, youthful glow, while a rich diet of skin protective nutrients deeply feed the skin and help stimulate faster cell renewal for a plumper and brighter complexion.

My Juice Blend Facial | 90 mins | $170

A juicy mix, for your unique skin type. After a detailed consultation with your Juicy Mixologist your skin concerns are targeted with a unique combination of treatment peels to gently reset your skin’s function. A personalised mask is then expertly blended and applied to the skin to infuse essential nutrients and aids into the skin. Your custom formulation is then given to you to take home to maintain your glow.