Tuscan Tan, Australia’s premier spray tanning company, has established its reputation by setting the benchmark for authentic colour and long-lasting performance. Australian made, owned and operated, Tuscan Tan offers the experience of luxury tanning at its best, promising world leading innovation and premium quality products.

Spray Tan Prep

Plan any hair removal and exfoliation the day prior to your appointment. On the day of tan, cleanse with our Tan Toning Skin Wash. Do not apply deodorant, moisturiser or perfume and always bring loose, dark clothing and thongs to wear after your appointment.

Spray Tan After Care

Do not apply moisturiser, perfume or deodorant until your tan has developed. Avoid contact with water and activity causing perspiration during development. For optimal results wash with the Tan Toner Skin wash & moisturise daily with either the HydraBase Body OR the Tinted Tan Extender.




Leave the tan to develope for 8 hours before showering; the depth of colour that you see on application will intensify by a further 30% during this development period.


Leave the tan to develope for desired colour depth.

1st shower: rinse for 30 seconds / no skin wash. pat dry. No moisturiser

2nd shower: next day, cleanse with Tan Toner Skin wash. Pat dry. Moisturise using either HydraBase Body OR Tinted Tan Exender.


After 90 minutes, you may shower, however it is important that this first shower is quick – a rinse for no more than 30 seconds. No body wash, soaps or exfoliation scrubs during this first rinse.The next day you can shower as normal. 

NOTE: It is normal for some residual bronzer to rinse off during this first shower leaving a lighter tan than when first applied, however the colour will continue to develop over the next few hours, therefore it is important that you should not expect to see FULL development after 90 minutes.  





Tuscn Tan  Self Tan and Skin Care products  are  designed to give you the utmost confidence in creating a flawless and natural looking tan at home.  Each self tan product is formulated to deliver the same authentic colour and finish as a Tuscan Tan spray tan, whilst  the complimenting skin care range will keep your tan looking its very best.

So whether you are looking for a professional in salon spray tan, or you prefer to apply your own tan, you will find your perfect tanning partner with Tuscan Tan




I had a facial, massage, lashes and brows performed by Megan last week. She really is exceptional in her field! I came out with perfect brows and lashes, plump, smooth and hydrated skin, and my muscles and nervous system relaxed! I highly recommend beauty unleashed.

Kirt Hines

Megan always provides a great service. I always feel relaxed and re-energised after having a massage at Beauty Unleashed. Definitely recommend.

Ben R

Beautiful lady who does awesome massages, facials and has really great products. I highly recommend you go for any of your beauty needs! Would put more stars if I could!

Melissa Hollier

Megan asked many questions to ensure that I got the most out of my hour long pregnancy massage. Having had a lot of lower back and leg issues in the 3rd trimester it was a lovely treat and walked away feeling better. I’ll be back!

Lisa Grall

The only lady in Newcastle I trust tinting my brows. Would 100% recommend.

Mikaela Mullins