How well do you sleep?

Today is world sleep Day!!

The current stats say that 1 in 3 adults have sleep problems , knowing we can assist you with improved sleep is everything to us. 

World Sleep Day is a global awareness act that celebrates sleep and aims to help those with serious sleep problems. Educating people in the importantance of sleep and give valuable natural resources in everyday life.

Those who have recurring sleep issues, getting to sleep can be a challenge and have a knock on effect in everyday life.

Lets talk about some of my favourite Beautiful nighttime routines
for your skin and body to assist in good rest!

Number one at the top of my list is massage.

1. Experiencing massage is well known therapy for releasing tension, pain and calming the nervous system to aid in a restful night on the pillow.

2. Some of my top sleep tips i share in spa after your massage treatment is to boil the jug and brew yourself  one of our @teacollective Lullaby Sleep Tea.

This gorgeous blend of Chamomile, Rooibos, Cinnamon Chips, Valerian Root, Lemon Peel, Lemon Balm. Brew for 5mins and sip. 

3. Pop your oil infuser on with a couple of drops of our @skinjuice Nod OFF essential oil to purify the air and soothe the mind.

Also great to add to the bath.  4-6 drops of nod off with a table spoon of milk, add emulsion to bath water.

If Aromas and fragrant are not your thing i completely understand. We have you sorted


4. Run a Bath- Add your Salt Lab Magnesium products

After a tough day at work, with tired aching muscles, bathing in a salt bath and a couple of sprays  of magnesium before bed will renew your body and improve my sleep quality. 

After a nice Bath or a quick spritz of magnesium if you are time poor or if  baths are not your jamm.


5. I recommend once per week popping on your @ultraderm nightshift resurfacing mask with Glycolic Acid and silk peptides if you haven't tried it yet why not? It does all the work while you are sleeping, perfect for the busy lifestyle we live in. A facial while you are sleeping?

This mask will improve skin texture and clarity, boost hydration and promotes collagen stimulation so you wake up with glowing skin.  

Here's to celebrating good sleep from my space to yours and my favourite sleep time products 






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