NSW mandatory vaccination update


NSW mandatory vaccination update



Remedial Massage Therapy and Myotherapy – The Client

Under the Public Health Order, a client seeking treatment from a remedial massage therapist or myotherapist is not required to be vaccinated.

Massage – relaxation and therapeutic

Under the General Order, the occupier of a business premises that are hairdressers, spas, nail salons, beauty salons, waxing salons, tanning salons, tattoo parlours or massage parlours, must take reasonable steps to ensure that an unvaccinated adult is not on the premises. This includes both massage therapists and clients.

In summary

Whilst remedial massage therapists and myotherapists have not been specifically referred to in the current Public Health Order, remedial massage and myotherapy members may still, in certain circumstances, need to be vaccinated (or have a medical contraindication certificate) in order to practice. Further, as health practitioners who work in the healthcare sector, they should always look to provide the best possible treatment to clients, in a safe environment for clients, employees and co-workers.

The Association considers it reasonable that clients may be asked if they have been vaccinated, in order to provide the best possible health assessment, treatment and safe environment for clients.

You should consider your health status, the health status of your colleagues, the health status and vulnerability level of your clients, as well as the health needs of your clients, to make an informed decision about treating unvaccinated and vaccinated clients.

With respect to massage therapists working in a massage setting as described above, the current expectation is that all practitioners and clients should be vaccinated.

Please note that the above is a summary of the current position of the NSW State Government Public Health Order and General Order as interpreted by the Association in order to provide general information to our members. It does not constitute definitive advice. Members who are uncertain as to any aspects of the relevant orders are encouraged to seek their own, independent advice.

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