The Tea Collective

We are Proud to welcome and support local brand Tea collective  to our spa..

Beauty Unleashed will be sharing a selection of Tea Collective blends in spa to be experienced complimentary within your treatment. This luxury sensory experience doesn't stop there. You are able to take a taste of heavenly beauty home with you. We are now retailing these gorgeous blends available for purchase in spa and on-line via our website - providing a premium yet affordable product, blending the timeless tradition of tea with innovation.

Drinking tea is exactly this – a ritual and an opportunity to pause, to bond with others over a shared sensory experience, which calms the body, but stimulates the mind. It is different from coffee because it takes time, so to drink tea you really have to commit.

Becci Fowler founded The Tea Collective in 2014 starting with a beautiful little bricks and mortar tea-room in the coastal town of Newcastle. Spending years working in high-end hospitality around the world, sourcing quality products for clients and collaborating with world-class chefs to bring unique flavour profiles and ideas to life. Returning home to Australia, it seemed a natural evolution to open her own boutique space, where she created more than 120 hand-blended teas.

Within six months of opening, The Tea Collective was named Best Tea Menu in Australia and Best Tea House in NSW. We are excited to share another one of our Newcastle local brands The Tea Collective and share their passion for all things tea to make your spa experience the best it can be





  • Australian Made Products 
  • Owned & Operated in Australia
  • Supporting Local Jobs 


  • Compostable corn-starch teabags
  • Refillable glass bottles
  • 100% recyclable refill bags

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