New Spa



GLOWING SKIN  |  $220.00 | 90min

This decadent face and body package includes a detailed skin consultation. A warm foot bath whilst you enjoy a cup of our herbal tea in our chillout room. Slip into your private treatment room to enjoy an advanced customised FACIAL with LED + Collagen and treatment mask whilst warming volcanic stones are massaged into those tired hands, arms, legs and feet with our luxurious anti ageing body serums for that top to toe glow. You will be completely blissed out with a face scalp neck and shoulder massage.  


DAY IN | $360 | 180min

3 hours of total relaxation and indulgence. Let us pamper you with a customised skin treatment facial that not only treats discussed skin concerns but will leave you blissed out with a decadent face neck and scalp massage. A warming hot stone arm, leg and back massage with a manicure and pedicure concludes your 3 hours of pampering. 



A deeply rejuvenating 2hour total body experience. Whilst nestled in our fluffy white robes your treatment begins sitting in our chill out room enjoying a cup of fresh herbal tea or water whilst we soak and scrub your tired feet. We will discuss any treatment concerns and body assessments associated with treatment.
You will than be taken to your private air-conditioned room to continue this luxurious body indulgence.
Our highly experienced and qualified therapists will perform a full body blueberry smoothie peel to exfoliate and resurface the entire body for a smoother and heathy looking skin. We won't forget the face to give you that plumberry peel glow. We complete your treatment with a full body, face and scalp massage using our fruity berry drops to hydrate thirsty skin from top to toe.




THE GREEN SPA  -  $160.00 | 90min

For the conscious consumer. Living greens and berries in this luxurious treatment offer an antioxidant power punch that will leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed and loved.  We begin with a full body, face and scalp massage. This Plantsterol-packed balm contains oils from sunflowers, shea & mango. Essential fatty acids boost cell nutrition and help to stimulate the skins healing process. A full body experience for the Skin, Body and Soul. An express facial using our local skin juice range