Salt Lab

Salt Lab


      A natural way to support your health and vitality

      Salt Labs ethically sourced and thoughtfully designed magnesium products are beautiful and all-natural, but they’re not only here to be admired – they also do wonders for your body. They’ll help you relax and fall asleep after a stressful day. They’ll relieve your overworked muscles after a session at the gym. And they’ll pacify your menstrual cramps and back tension to help you heal and recover faster. It’s a sleep reset and an energy booster all rolled in one.

      Carefully formulated with only the purest ingredients, our products are safe to use for the whole family, helping to restore the precious balance in life.

      Through our packaging we’re trying to minimise the impact humans have on the environment. Less waste means cleaner soils, better produce and – as a result – healthier people.

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