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Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Lotion + Bronzing (green bottle) and Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Lotion (blue bottle) are identical in every way EXCEPT ONE.

Both lotions are ultra light, oil free formulas that leave a silky smooth skin finish, and both contain PEPTIDES designed to boost the skin’s melanin levels, activate the natural tanning process, and advance tanning results. The only difference is that Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Lotion + Bronzing has the addition of sunless tanning actives to give you a boost of bronzed body confidence before you hit the beach.

Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Lotion + Bronzing promotes Tri Phase Tanning to help you kick off your summer tan.

PHASE 1: Non-tinted sunless tanning actives gradually develop into a temporary sunless tan in the lead up to UV exposure.
PHASE 2: Works to boost your skin’s melanin levels and activate the natural tanning process while you're building your sunless tan.
PHASE 3: With melanin levels boosted and short bursts of UV exposure, phase three kicks in to advance sun tanning results.

The best part... By the time you're ready to expose your body, your skin will be perfectly prepped for sun exposure and beautifully bronzed for social exposure. Win = Win.

*** Remember to always take a balanced approach to sun exposure to maximise benefit and minimise risk. Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Lotion + Bronzing does not contain sun-screen, so be sure to apply your usual sun protection after you have applied Melanoboost.

Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Lotion + Bronzing is great for fair skinned people who need additional tanning help. The sunless tanning actives will provide a temporary sunless tan while you work on your real tan.

Also, great for those who want to take their natural sun tan next level. The + Bronzing will help enhance, deepen and prolong your natural sun tan.