Skin Juice

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Suitable for Ageing, dehydration, dryness.

Juice Bar face mask is our user friendly professional take home facial treat. These formulas are used in our iconic skin juice facials in spa. Freshly blended with love and ready for you to apply so you can continue the spa experience at home. 

Restore your youthful glow and plump up ageing skin with this rich, nourishing skin treatment to help reverse the signs of  ageing at home.

Squeezed with

Nourishing Plant Sterols made from Shea butter, Hydrating Plant Sterols from Avocado, Restorative Plant Sterols from cocoa butter blended with Beeswax high in Lipids and Vitamin A to support the reconstruction and health of the cells .

juice shots 

Cobiolift is a purified fraction of polysaccharides extracted from Quinoa seeds.

Lifting and anti wrinkle effect, protects against environmental stress, reduces transepidermal water loss and provides free radical protection

Ferulic Acid + Resveratrol  Free radical protection that stimulates collagen synthesis, brightens + balances skin tone, help repair UV damage, promotes cellular renewal. Aids in ageing and inflammation

Berry EFA's  Lock in hydration with this blend of essential fatty acids include raspberry cranberry, strawberry and blueberry to support skin healing and restore moisturising lipids whilst reducing trans epidermal water loss

Vitamin C Firms and brightens aids in Free radical protection, inhibits melanin production, Stimulates collagen synthesis and neutralises oxidative damage.

Brightens + balances skin tone Increases barrier lipids 

Cherry Blossom Promotes cellular renewal, and free radical protection

How to use 

Follow your normal evening cleansing routine with Drench Cleansing oil, 

Optimum results apply facial in a jar for up to ten minutes rinse and dry thoroughly

Apply a raspberry - strawberry sized amount of mask to the face neck & decolletage, avoiding the eye area and lips.

Leave mask on for a minimum of ten minutes  

Thoroughly remove mask with clean, warm damp cloth, follow with bio juice hydration droplets and  your choice of super food face oil or flower juice.

Use within 60 days of receiving mask.