COVID -19 Prevention Policy

COVID-19 Policy Beauty Unleashed


Updated on Tuesday 11th October 2021

Upon re-opening I would like to advise you that all Beauty Unleashed staff members are fully vaccinated.. We are judgement free to your decision on vaccination however, we are required to monitor and enforce guests vaccination status prior to entrance to our spa and comply with Public Health Regulations in order to fully re - open all aspects of the spa.

Please note in accordance with local state and governing body Massage and Myotherapy Australia Clinical Remedial Massage is an essential service and not a beauty service this is available throughout the lockdown period for essential treatments. Health Fund rebates available. As of the 11th October 2021 it is now mandatory that all guests are now fully vaccinated until advised otherwise in accordance with NSW Health Laws.

Re-opening beauty appointments is a big process and it will take time to make sure our clients are accommodated and supported during this time. I would like to offer support where I can to our unvaccinated Beauty & Massage members, please reach out to me and i can offer modified care for at home stretching advice, skincare programs and DIY beauty kits where requested and possible.

Our contactless click & collect on-line shopping has been a hit for the last three years and will continue to run post COVID-19 times for convenience. Free local delivery,  $9 national delivery and as of this year we are now shipping internationally. Please monitor our blogs and socials for the latest updates. 


Please be patient with me these new policies require extra time, paperwork and adjusting to enforce. We require guests to be mindful of up to date Government Regulations as it currently stands from 11th October 2021 we are permitting ALL guests to the spa that are fully vaccinated and can show proof of vaccination status prior to or at the time of appointment. (including exemption pass)

- Guests are required to book appointments on-line and complete all documents associated to your treatment prior to your appointment time. Compulsory forms are automatically sent with your reminder text 24hrs prior to your booking.

- Guests are required to check in and out using service NSW appt. COVID-19 QR Code located on entrance door prior to entry and exit.

- We are limited to 5 persons to the spa at one time this includes staff. Please do not bring any persons unrelated to your appointment with you.

- For health reasons and to protect staff we can not at this time share staff toilet with customers. Public toilets are located in our gorgeous local park across the road.

- All guests and staff are required to wear a mask.

- Strict handwashing and sanitising is required pre, post and during treatments for staff and customers.

- Social distancing is easy for us with our 4 private work areas. Please be mindful of other guests leaving the clinic upon your arrival and do not to que in the reception area. 


Booked appointments that do not fit the government regulations or COVID 19 prevention policy. You will be required to reschedule to a later date please contact me directly for advise if you are unsure. Megan Mobile 0422722344

- Have travelled internationally or from any COVID-19 exposure points or been exposed to any persons suffering from COVID-19  within the last 14 day

- Feel unwell. (regardless of negative COVID test) Please do not attend our premise at any point with a sore throat, head cold, flu, fever, systematic body aches, viral or bacterial infections. 

Looking forward to welcoming you back as we have missed you and i know you have missed our tranquil retreat, to relax and escape the chaos that has consumed us in recent months

Megan & Toni xxx