Blue Healer™ Daily Relief

Recover faster, move easier, feel better. Blue Healer Care’s mission is to create products that improve the quality of life and wellness of people, everywhere. 

Family go- to care + sports recovery +post injury relief + after sun anti ageing 

Super antioxidant copper BioCuplex™  boosts repair + rejuvenate + recovery

This copper complex has been shown in testing to be highly antioxidant, reparative, and anti-inflammatory with pain relief associated with skin and body care.

Copper is generally known to support the body's ability to produce collagen and stronger cross linked tissues and to be beneficial in both bone and neurological system health. (per Linus Pauling Institute)

Apply liberally 2-3 x daily regular use builds best results

  • Before and after exercise for faster recovery
  • Use as needed for discomfort or soreness
  • use face + body after sun, to improve skin
  • ideal face cream to reduce signs of ageing
  • calm or relieve skin redness with regular use.



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