Aduro Australia LED Light Technology

Aduro Face Mask Australia LED Light Technology  

The ONLY Medical Grade Silicon LED Mask with 11 unique Skin Treatments, All In 1 LED Mask

Enjoy benefits such as:

- Anti-aging for a youthful, glowing complexion, increased collagen production and for hydrated skin - perfect for winter trans-epidermal water loss, Plus our red and Near infrared Skin Booster Treatment;

- Acne recovery (with 3 Acne stage settings in our Premium Personal LED Mask);

- Redness reduction - so great in winter and helping with Rosacea management;

- Skin balancer to help even skin tone - great to help with hyper-pigmentation; and

- Overall skin wellness with our Daily Dose and Quick Fix Settings.


 You have the option of using your rechargeable Personal LED Mask hands free unlike non premium LED devices that MUST be connected to mains power for operation.


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