Random Acts Of Kindness

What can I say, I'm a dreamer....

I have always wanted to open my own charity wellness spa for the less fortunate. I am yet to find a way to make this my reality, in the meantime i have decided to start my own charity by starting small.

Kindness is a huge part of my career.. It is what I do everyday!!!

Embedded deeply into my business model, I share kindness and make people feel good about themselves every day. I love having such a positive effect on others to assist them with their aesthetic concerns and physical pains.

Making such a positive impact on my guests lives for this past 18 years has given me the passion and drive to continue to grow and be the best version of myself possible this is when i decided to start a random acts movement in my business to give back to community and do a random act of kindness and put my skills to good use.

This year on Random Acts of Kindness Day I began a random acts movement in my spa.. Exclusively available to my VIP members, nominations were open to privately nominate someone that deserves to receive our donated random acts gift.

I am thrilled with this event and have now decided to make this an ongoing event available to the public for a monthly nominee to be selected.

This Charity is very different, it does not require fundraising and financial commitment from you, our community. It is Beauty Unleashed funding the spa gift at our cost and time.

How does it work?

You (our local community) nominate a member of the public whom you think deserves to receive a random act of kindness from us.

One random nominee will be selected and given our donated gift or voucher from the spa which will either be hand delivered or emailed this will vary depending on the circumstances. 

Each month brings a new opportunity to nominate an unsuspecting member of the public.

Who do you think deserves some kindness?








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